Twitter Relevant Indexed Google Results

Twitter Relevant Indexed Google Results

 Twitter Relevant Indexed Google Results

While the reason varies, I often find myself using Google to look people up on Twitter. Today was no different, having forgotten Dan Schawbel’s Twitte r Username, I performed a quick Google Search so I could send him a Tweet regarding his latest Mashable Post.

I Googled: “Dan Schawbel twitter“, which like always resulted in the desired results:

Ive found this method to normally return the correct person I am looking for, if they are using Twitter, within the top two or three results. Twitter has also recently launched a built in “Find People” feature, but dropping a Google Search is still the easiest for me. In cases where the results are not as clear, or there are a couple of potential matches on common names you’ll likely have to visit the pages to see if this is really who you are looking for.

In the example above I was quickly returned what I was looking, Dan Schawbel’s Twitter username / URL ““. But, wouldnt it be helpful if Twitter better customized page code titles and descriptions for search results? Google has a very clear Webmasters/Site owners Help Document for this very topic to help developers best receive indexed results with relevant titles and descriptions.


<meta content=“Twitter is a free social messaging utility for staying connected in real-time” name=“description” />
<meta content=“danschawbel” name=“page-user-screen_name” />

The title is clearly the Google Title and the description is the first portion of the pages description. Rocket Science right?! The last portion of text, found in the second line of the description, is less obvious but coming from the Twitter profile bio. This is where the Google Juice comes in with a “number of different sources for this information“.

If Twitte r implemented meta descriptions better tailored to the users profile page to increase index relevancy this would not only have a positive impact for “Personal Brands”, but also in Twitter’s Organic Search Optimization.

Needless to say, I didnt send that Tweet which sparked my original Google Search for Dan’s username. I figure he’ll appreciate this blog post more now! Great Mashable post Dan! 😛

I now wonder how long it will take for this post to show up when performing my original Google Search for “Dan Schawbel twittr“!


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