How to Turn Youtube Views Into Sales

How to Turn Youtube Views Into Sales

How to Turn Youtube Views Into Sales

Unfair or not, we definitely live in a visual society. Companies are finding that putting up video online is one of the easiest and quickest ways to promote themselves and differentiate themselves from their competition. However, turning those Youtube views into real conversions is another matter entirely.

There are some techniques that have been proven to work over the years. No matter your industry, there are a few themes and video marketing tips that are ubiquitous.

One. Know how to market on Youtube.

Five years ago, there was no need to really promote anything on Youtube. Simply upload a funny video, pick relevant keywords, and you would eventually get views. However, with the restructuring of the site to favor paid results and large corporations over user content, small businesses have to do a little more than the average uploader.

In order to promote your business on Youtube, you can not be afraid to buy a few views or use the Featured Video option on Youtube itself. It is important to get those initial views quickly any way that you can so that you can get on the upload lists that will increase your visibility. It is easiest to do this within the first 48 hours after you upload.

You must also learn when the best time to upload is. Depending on your competition, you want to upload your videos when others are not so that you can get on the top lists. This will increase your visibility as well.

How to Turn Youtube Views Into Sales

How to Turn Youtube Views Into Sales

Two. A few Youtube secrets.

Put quotes around your keywords so that your video will further differentiate itself from others with similar keywords. You want to make your keywords exactly what someone might put into a Youtube search engine. Since Youtube is Google, use the same search engine optimization techniques that you would use for Google.

Put links in your description to your landing site and use the annotations judiciously. The Youtube audience is getting increasingly lazy. To get people to subscribe, you need to put it in their faces, hopefully during the height of your video. Fortunately, after a few weeks, you will be able to see through Youtube analytics the most popular part of your video. Put your subscribe annotation there.

Make sure to put an annotation right to your landing page in the video as well. This is very important for conversions.

Three. Embed your Youtube video everywhere.

If you have other blogs, make sure that you embed your video there. If you are submitting to another site, include the embed code. Make it easy for them. If someone watches an embedded video, it still counts as a view, which gives you a better chance for those top lists.


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